The first thing I need to say is ‘Congratulations’. I say that because YOU are in a bookstore right now.  In a time when there are fewer and fewer of these places, when cities literally 10 times your size do not have a bookstore anywhere in them, you are fortunate enough to have one in tucked squarely inside your very own community. And it’s a good one, too. So before you leave here today, do take a moment to look around this room and be aware and grateful of what you have.

Nick Bruel, author of Bad Kitty series to a group of 75 fans at the store.

Linden Tree Books has been a wonderful partner and supporter of RAFT and particularly the annual Gift of Reading book drive. By sharing a common goal of literacy for all, we have worked together to put books in the hands of the children who need them most. RAFT is proud that through Linden Tree Books’ expertise in matching books to readers, we are connecting children with the stories that will make them love reading for years to come.

Grainger Marburg, CEO, Resource Area For Teaching – RAFT

In 1984, when my first child was a toddler, a little store with music for children opened on First Street in Los Altos. I went in looking for records and cassette tapes… and have been going in ever since. When the store added books to their offerings and became Linden Tree Books and Records, the relationship deepened. I have shopped through the years for my own children as well as those of family, friends and neighbors. We have honored birthdays, bar and bat mitzvahs, new babies, even high school and college graduations with wonderful gifts from this store. For the last fifteen years Linden Tree has continued to be a resource for my work as a local school librarian. In addition to purchasing for the library collection, I appreciate the opportunity Linden Tree provides in bringing authors to my school, thus giving the students the chance to hear directly from authors about the writing process, persistence in pursuit of a goal, and the interaction between authors and illustrators. Both students and teachers have been thrilled by this experience!

Tania Granoff, Santa Rita School Librarian

Linden Tree is one of my favorite stops in Los Altos. It’s a perfect little gem of a bookstore offering everything you need when buying books. I especially appreciate the knowledgeable staff that is always happy to explain the plot lines of books. I can’t even begin to count how many times they’ve helped me find just the right title for one of my kids.

Michelle Blaine, Los Altos Parent

I’ve been shopping at Linden Tree for years—and will continue for years to come—and the staff has always been helpful, knowledgeable and accommodating. Now, as a children’s book author, I’ve had the good fortune to be part of a successful story-time event. The owners and staff consistently go out of their way to make sure I succeed—whether it’s in choosing the right book for my children, or hosting a wonderful, memorable event in the store.

Sue Fliess, Mom, Customer, Childen’s Book Author

It’s no secret that time spent with books, whether on a cozy lap or as a solitary venture, is time well-spent, a vital endeavor in the quest to explore the many possibilities of life and bring meaning to our experiences. It’s also no secret that Linden Tree is the ideal place to go to browse for the next ‘just right’ book or to order a title you’re interested in—this friendly and helpful resource is a community treasure, and like a good book, worth holding onto!

Kelly Hicks, Programs Director, First Congo Nursery School