Host Your Event at Linden Tree Books

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Host Your Event at Linden Tree Books

Craft fairs, bake sales, car washes –- time-honored ways to raise funds for organizations and worthy causes, to be sure. But these days, imaginative people from all over the Bay Area are discovering an even better way: Hosting an event at Linden Tree Books, Where Imaginations Grow.

Because Linden Tree has such a wide variety of gifts, music and pages for all ages, we host fund-raising events of all shapes and sizes. Email Alison at today and unleash your imagination as you raise funds in an exciting and engaging way.

Another time-honored tradition: Linden Tree’s Book Talks, inspiring and educational in-store events where audiences from kids to the young-at-heart learn about the latest books, games and more. Email or call Alison at 650-949-3390 to arrange yours, and watch faces of all ages light up.

We love to host authors for book launches, school visits, and author panel events. See what makes Linden Tree the destination for authors in Silicon Valley and contact us to learn more!