Grand Central Publishing A Dangerous Book
Grand Central Publishing A Dangerous Book

A Dangerous Book

By S.M. Masood


Publication Date: March 19, 2024

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Irfan Mirza, a mercenary with a dark past, is not a hero. But he is the only one who can save his wife by tracking down an ancient text which could have drastic repercussions around the world.

After returning from an assignment where he was unreachable, Mirza receives a series of cryptic messages from his estranged wife, Caroline. A Professor of Islamic History, she claims to have discovered and secreted away a dangerous artifact. She believes possessing it puts her safety at risk.


By the time Mirza gets her messages, she is already in police custody in Karachi, under the charge of blasphemy. People are calling for her execution, the British High Commission is unable to negotiate her release, and no one has actually seen Caroline since her arrest.

As Mirza attempts to track her down, it becomes clear that the authorities have lost her and she is, instead, in the clutches of someone much more sinister. In order to save his wife, he is forced to accept a “deal” by this mysterious enemy. Unless Mirza finds and returns what Caroline has taken, she dies.


Mirza assembles a team of unsavory characters to help him find Caroline’s missing artifact--a treasure hunt for a devastating secret from ancient history led by a hero unlike any you’ve seen before. It’s going to take all of his knowledge, and a fair amount of brute force, to save Caroline before it’s too late--but at the risk of exposing a potentially explosive truth.

About the Author

S.M. Masood grew up in Karachi, Pakistan. A first-generation immigrant twice over, he has been a citizen of three different countries and nine different cities. He currently lives nowhere and does nothing. He is the author of THE BAD MUSLIM DISCOUNT. A DANGEROUS BOOK is his first thriller.

Format: Hardcover

Length: 304 pages

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Publication Date: March 19, 2024

ISBN: 9781538724125

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