Random House Books for Young Readers Berenstain Bears: Back to School
Random House Books for Young Readers Berenstain Bears: Back to School

Berenstain Bears: Back to School

By Stan Berenstain


Publication Date: May 28, 2019

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Ages 4 to 6, Grades P to 1


2 classic Berenstain Bears school stories in 1 book!

Head off to school with two bestselling Berenstain Bears stories in one book! Featuring The Berenstain Bears Go to School and The Berenstain Bears’ Report Card Trouble, this full-color storybook is the perfect back-to-school addition to your Berenstain Bears collection.

Go to School
Sister is nervous about starting school, so Mama takes her to meet the teacher. Finally, she’s eager to go with Brother on the first day to begin her school adventure.

Report Card Trouble
Brother’s involvement in school sports causes his grades to drop. After they ground him, Mama and Papa realize that supervising and supporting him is a far more constructive strategy.


Series Overview: The Berenstain Bears’ Classics is the series originally known as First Time Books, which, when they were first published, broke new ground in children’s books by focusing on the issues common to all families with children: sibling rivalty, friendship, school, visits to the doctor and dentist, holiday celebrations, time spent together and apart, competition, and many more. Each book presents a problem that’s resolved—usually by Mama and Papa, but sometimes by Brother and Sister—with good sense and, above all, a sense of humor. Lessons are learned and values explained and passed to the next generation, always through the telling of a good story.


These books have sold tens of millions of copies, a testament to their enduring appeal, to the fact that families everywhere can see themselves in the Berenstain Bears—and to the truth that a well-told tale is indeed timeless.


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