little bee books Blackblood: Acolyte
little bee books Blackblood: Acolyte

Blackblood: Acolyte

By Phu Vuong


Publication Date: October 5, 2021

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Ages 10 And Up, Grades 4 And Up

Told in dual perspectives, this fantastical debut graphic novel with the wit of Nimona and the adventure of Amulet is a whirlwind journey involving mages, mercenaries, escape plans, food fights, and more!

Centuries ago, magic mysteriously appeared in the kingdom of Allia. At first, the mages who could wield it became servants to the king, using their newfound powers for the betterment of society. However, an evil group of mages called Blackbloods went rogue, siphoning magic from their peers before they were stopped. But after that, the king imprisoned all mages, Blackblood or not.

Years later, mage siblings Kanna and Kita are in hiding, careful to avoid being taken by the King's Guard. Despite the looming threat of imprisonment, Kita dreams of becoming a powerful mage, while Kanna is content living in the shadows. Kita gets the chance to prove himself when bandits invade their camp, only to realize that he lacks control over his magic when they kidnap Kanna. Now Kita, with the help of a mercenary, Toran, must rescue his sister from the dangerous gang, while Kanna tries to find her own way to escape.

What do the bandits want with Kanna? And will Kita be able to save his sister without getting found out as a mage?

About the Author

Phu Vuong is a writer and dentist from Dallas, Texas. Phu has written a number of short comics included in the Sneaky Business Vol. 2, PITCH, Ever Afterward, and A Soul Divided/Caged in Flesh anthologies.

Isa Enriquez is an illustrator from the Philippines. She's deeply influenced by Shonen manga and is also devoted to the manga style within the graphic novel medium.

Format: Trade Paperback

Length: 256 pages

Publisher: little bee books

ISBN: 9781499811841

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