Bloomsbury USA Childrens What Will Grow? [Gardening, Ecology]
Bloomsbury USA Childrens What Will Grow? [Gardening, Ecology]

What Will Grow? [Gardening, Ecology]


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Author: Ward, Jennifer
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Ages 3 to 6


This companion to What Will Hatch?—uniquely formatted to include four pull-out gatefolds—is all about seeds and the plants they sprout.

Seeds can be big and small, round and pointy, and all sorts of colors. They can become flowers, trees, fruits, or vegetables, and they sprout all year round, through spring, summer, fall, and winter.


But all seeds have one thing in common—inside each is a new plant life, waiting to emerge. Wait and see what will grow!

This jacketed companion picture book to What Will Hatch? features all kinds of seeds, from sunflower seeds to oak tree seeds.


Along with lyrical text and stunning illustrations, the book includes four pull-out gate-folds and fascinating illustrated back matter about seed growth and how to start your own garden.


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