Twirl Boo! Scared You!
Twirl Boo! Scared You!

Boo! Scared You!


Publication Date: September 03, 2019

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Author: Babin, Stephanie
Details: Arrives in 5-7 business days (after Pub. date above). In-store pickup available.


Ages 0 to 3, Grades P to P


Get ready to be scared!


Stick your tongue out at the dragon. Oh no, what will happen?


Open the big flap... waah! The dragon is breathing fire!


Tickle the mean looking ogre. Uh oh, will he get mad?


Open the big flap... the ogre is laughing!


In this frighteningly funny book, kids are encouraged to be as brave as they can be to tickle, howl, or shout at fearful creatures—a different action on each spread—then lift the big flaps to reveal the unexpected results!


A joke book for very young children focusing on physical humor, it is sure to make them roll with laughter.


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