Book of Cards For Kids (Book and Deck of 52 Cards)
Book of Cards For Kids (Book and Deck of 52 Cards)

Book of Cards For Kids (Book and Deck of 52 Cards)


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Ages 4 to 9


A full-color, kid-friendly deck of cards, plus a book of 35 fun card games that are easy to learn and fun to play!

The thrill of double war. The excitement of shouting "Gin!" Every kid knows at least a handful of card classics, and every grown up kid remembers the fun of playing them.


Here is a collection of lively card games for kids, paired with an over-sized, custom-designed set of playing cards.


From such favorites as Baby Snap, Go Fish, Concentration, and Blackjack to the less well-known Chase the Ace, Racing Demon, Smudge, and Frogs in the Pond, here are over 35 games for two to six players, plus Solitaire for a rainy day. For ages 4-9.



A complete introduction for kids and a refresher for adults, here's the everything-you-need-to-know guide to 35 great card games for the family. With:

  • Objectives, rules, score-keeping, favorite variations
  • How to shuffle, cut, and deal
  • Strategy, and even the art of bluffing
  • Glossary of card terms



Big. Bold. Bright. And specially designed.


The Cards for Kids deck is an oversized, durably laminated 52-card playing deck with two jokers included. Symbols and numbers are extra large, plus each suit's background color is different.


Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs: Deal 'em!


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