Chronicle Books Can I Pet Your Dog?
Chronicle Books Can I Pet Your Dog?

Can I Pet Your Dog?

By Jeremy Nguyen


Publication Date: November 1, 2022

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This quirky illustrated book celebrates the urge to pet every dog we see, no matter what obstacles stand in the way.

A laugh-out-loud celebration of our favorite four-legged friends, Can I Pet Your Dog? features a series of increasingly improbable illustrations that nod to the universal experience of bending-over-backwards to give a good pup a well–earned belly rub. Whether it's covering yourself in bacon grease or pole-vaulting across traffic, these bizarre scenarios all share a common end goal: Must. Pet. That. Dog. The perfect book for any and all dog lovers, this book is a lighthearted ode to good boys and girls everywhere.

HILARIOUS AND RELATABLE CONTENT: Whether you're tired of people petting your dog all the time, or you're the one always doing the petting, there's something in here for everybody, whatever your reality may be!

DOGS DESERVE CELEBRATION: Humanity's best friend deserves a shout out. Loyal, playful, and always there, pups everywhere keep their owner's spirits high, and for that, their praise in this book is well deserved!

A GREAT GIFT: A great addition to any dog lover's coffee table, this hysterical dip-in-dip-out book makes for a thoughtful present.

Perfect for:dog lovers and ownerspeople who can't resist petting other people's dogspeople who are tired of their dog being pet all the timefans of humor books and comics

About the Author

Jeremy Nguyen is a Brooklyn-based cartoonist, illustrator, and humor writer. His work has been featured in TheNew Yorker, Wired, The Nib, and Airmail Weekly.

Format: Hardcover

Length: 64 pages

Publisher: Chronicle Books

Publication Date: November 1, 2022

ISBN: 9781797217536

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