Arcturus Dinosaur Mazes
Arcturus Dinosaur Mazes

Dinosaur Mazes

By Marc Pattenden


Publication Date: October 1, 2022

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Ages 6 to 10

Follow the trodden paths of dinosaurs with this vibrantly illustrated maze book, taking young readers on a puzzle-packed tour of our planet's prehistory and revealing weird and wonderful facts as they go.

From the Triassic shoreline to the Jurassic rain forest, these 45 mazes explore different time periods and the fascinating beasts that lived during each of them. Young readers will learn about the most powerful predators and plant-eaters ever to walk the land, swim the seas, or soar through the skies.

Maze puzzles are an excellent way for children to improve their concentration and patience, and help them to develop problem-solving strategies and lateral thinking skills. What's more, every maze in this book has real educational value - so whichever route junior puzzlers choose, they'll be on the right track to learn about nature's most extraordinary giants

Perfect for readers aged 6+.

ABOUT THE SERIES: Young readers can set off on a quest for knowledge with the Arcturus Fact-Packed Mazes series, solving complex maze puzzles and picking up fascinating facts at every turn.

About the Author

Marc is a self-taught illustrator from Lewes, East Sussex. He works digitally with the aim of creating colourful engaging work, full of texture and atmosphere. He finds inspiration in gallery shows, museums, books, and funny things his 3 year old says. Marc always finds the process of illustration a totally joyful experience and is very glad to have made a career out of it. He hopes to be drawing beautiful pictures for many years to come.

Format: Paperback

Length: 96 pages

Publisher: Arcturus

Publication Date: October 1, 2022

ISBN: 9781398815391

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