Yearling Finally, Something Mysterious
Yearling Finally, Something Mysterious

Finally, Something Mysterious

By Doug Cornett


Publication Date: November 22, 2022

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Ages 8 to 12, Grades 3 to 7

When hundreds of rubber duckies appear on a neighbor's lawn, Paul, Peephole, and Shanks know one thing for sure: this is a case for the One and Onlys!

Paul Marconi has always thought that Bellwood was a strange town, but also a boring one. Not much for an eleven-year-old to do. This summer, fires are burning nearby, Paul's parents are obsessed with winning a bratwurst contest, and his best friend, one of the founding members of their only-child detective club, the One and Onlys, is about to acquire a younger sister, sort of undoing their whole reason for existing. But then! Hundreds of rubber duckies have appeared on the lawn of poor Mr. Babbage without any explanation. Finally! There is something that Paul and his friends can actually investigate.

In the face of all these bizarre occurrences, Paul is convinced that uncovering who deposited the duckies will finally bring some sense to what has become an upside-down world. Soon the three friends have a long list of suspects, all with their own motives, but no clear culprit. When everything comes to a head at the town's annual Bellwood Bratwurst Bonanza, Paul discovers that some things don't have an easy explanation and not every mystery can be solved.

A perfect summer story about friends, amateur sleuthing, and a whole lot of rubber duckies.

About the Author

Doug Cornett received his MFA from Portland State University and in 2016 was awarded first prize for the William Van Dyke Short Story Contest from Ruminate Magazine. Finally, Something Mysterious was his first novel and he is also the author of Finally, Something Dangerous. He lives in Cleveland, Ohio, with his family. Follow him on Twitter at @MrDougCornett.

Author Residence: Cleveland, Ohio

Format: Paperback

Length: 256 pages

Publisher: Yearling

Publication Date: November 22, 2022

ISBN: 9780593488317

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