HarperCollins I Can Make This Promise
HarperCollins I Can Make This Promise

I Can Make This Promise

By Christine Day


Publication Date: October 01, 2019

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Ages 8 to 12, Grades 3 to 7


A poignant and powerful debut #OwnVoices middle grade novel, about a girl who uncovers a secret that connects her to her Native American heritage, and that throws everything she knows about her family into question. This story is based on the twenty-five-year-old author’s own family history.


In her debut middle grade novel inspired by her family’s history, Native (Upper Skagit) author Christine Day tells the story of a girl grappling with the secrets of her mother’s birth family and trying to find her own Native American identity.


All her life, Edie has known that her mom was adopted by a white couple. So no matter how curious she might be about her Native American heritage, Edie is sure her family doesn’t have any answers. Until the day when she and her friends discover a box hidden in the attic—a box full of letters signed “Love, Edith” and photos of a woman who looks just like her.


Suddenly, Edie has a flurry of new questions about this woman who shares her name. Could she belong to the Native family that Edie never knew about?


But if her mom and dad have kept this secret from her all her life, how can she trust them to tell her the truth now?


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