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What on Earth Books Literally


By Patrick Skipworth


Publication Date: May 5, 2020

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Ages 6 to 11, Grades 1 to 5

A stunning nonfiction picture book about the global diversity hidden in the English language

A stunning non-fiction picture book about the origins of the English Language. You’ll be surprised at the global and cultural diversity hidden in the words we use every day!Did you know that English words come from all over the world? And often their meanings have changed over time? Find out about the journeys of a selection of words from the English Language in this amazing visual resource. Each word is paired with a two-page spread illustration, which takes inspiration from the origins of the word itself.Author Patrick Skipworth has carefully selected words with a diversity of origins from all around the globe: some are derived from phrases (“companion” – the Latin for “with bread”), some from actions or behaviours (“caribou” – meaning “snow shoveler” in Mi’kmaq, an indigenous language of eastern Canada), and some from sounds or onomatopoeia (“Kookaburra” – Australian Aboriginal languages)With simple descriptions and dazzling, evocative and witty illustrations, this is a fascinating introduction to the rich history and cultural diversity of our language. The perfect book for budding linguists aged 7 - 11 to learn about the origins and meanings of the English language.

About the Author

Patrick Skipworth studied Classics and Linguistics in London and the Netherlands, connecting the dots between ancient cultures, their histories and their languages. Today, Patrick is a children's book editor, but likes to write his own stories when he can. Some of his favourite topics are prehistoric bugs, super-intelligent robots and legends from far away places.Nicholas Stevenson's work as an illustrator is as colourful as his personality and past. Now living in London, he spent years in the Seychelles, in his own words "dressing like peter pan most days". Nicholas' work is lively, engaging, mysterious and deeply painterly. He is very well appreciated by the publishing and music industries.

Format: Hardcover Picture Book

Length: 32 pages

Publisher: What on Earth Books

ISBN: 9781912920181

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