Workman Publishing Company Meltdown
Workman Publishing Company Meltdown


By Anita Sanchez


Publication Date: December 6, 2022

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Ages 8 to 12, Grades 3 to 7

Meltdown introduces kids to the “what,” the “how,” and the “why” of global warming and climate change, exploring what will happen to our planet—and us—if the glaciers keep disappearing. Meltdown is a much-needed alarm bell, but it is also proactive, offering actionable steps for kids and their families to reduce their carbon footprints and save the environment.

Meet the glaciers—before they disappear. A companion in spirit to The World Without Fish, which calls attention to the plight of our oceans for young readers and has over 245,000 copies in print, Meltdown is the kids’ guide to the glorious but endangered world of glaciers. Glaciers may not be as sexy as rain forests or coral reefs, but they are just as vital to the health of the planet, and just as powerfully eloquent in their “canary-in-a-coal-mine” status.


Packed with information, grounded in the latest science, lively in its writing, illustrated throughout, Meltdown gives readers an eye-opening overview of glaciers and how important they are: There are over 100,000 glaciers covering 10% of earth’s landmass, acting as protective shields to cool the atmosphere and holding almost three-quarters of the planet’s fresh water. We learn how glaciers were formed (some over two million years ago), how they move and carve the landscape, how they’re replenished, and how scientists study them (the bluer the ice, the older it is). We discover secrets of earth’s climate history hidden deep in a glacier’s core—and understand the delicate ecosystem of animals and plants that thrive in their frigid worlds, from keystone species like salmon to curiosities like ice worms.


nd we learn how climate change is threatening the glaciers, in turn, threatening all the benefits they bring the planet—and all the positive steps readers can take to become climate activists, reduce their carbon footprint, and save the glaciers.

About the Author

Anita Sanchez worked for over twenty-five years as an environmental educator for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, and now serves as an educational consultant to nature centers, arboreta, and school districts. She is the author of nine published books, including the middle-grade science titles Itch:Everything You Didn’t Want to Know About What Makes You Scratch and Rotten!:Vultures, Beetles, and Slime, Nature’s Decomposers (a Junior Library Guild selection).

Format: Hardcover Paper over boards

Length: 128 pages

Publisher: Workman Publishing Company

Publication Date: December 6, 2022

ISBN: 9781523509508

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