Morgan Is My Name: A novel
Morgan Is My Name: A novel

Morgan Is My Name: A novel

By Sophie Keetch


Publication Date: June 13, 2023

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A powerful feminist retelling of the early life of Morgan le Fay, the famed villainess of Arthurian legend, this dazzling debut is the story of a woman both mortal and magical, formidable and misunderstood, told in her own words.

Young Morgan of Cornwall lives a happy life in Tintagel Castle until King Uther Pendragon, with the help of the sorcerer Merlin, murders her father and tricks her mother into marriage. Furious, brilliant, and vengeful, Morgan defies her brutal stepfather, taking up a secret education, discovering a lifelong affinity with the healing arts, and falling in love with a man far beneath her station. However, defiance comes at a cost. Used as a bargaining chip in her stepfather’s war games, Morgan finds herself banished to a world of isolated castles and gossiping courts, amidst the machinations of kings, sorcerers, and men.

But some desires are not easily forgotten, and the search for her independence is a quest Morgan cannot give up. As the era of King Arthur approaches, she must use all her wit, knowledge, and courage to fight against those who wish to deny her intelligence, crush her spirit, and control her body. But, in seeking her freedom, Morgan risks losing everything–her reputation, her loved ones, and her life.

Story Locale:Fantasy England / Wales

About the Author

Sophie Keetch has a BA in English Literature from Cardiff University, which included the study of Arthurian legend. She is Welsh and lives with her husband and son in South Wales. For her debut novel, she was drawn to Morgan le Fay because of the progression of her character through time, becoming ever more villainous as she was written and rewritten in the words of men. But beneath the infamy, Sophie felt there was an unsung story and was compelled to seek out the woman behind the myth and give a voice to her contradictions.

Author Residence: Wales, UK

Format: Trade Paperback

Length: 368 pages

Publisher: Random House Canada

Publication Date: June 13, 2023

ISBN: 9781039006492

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