Bloomsbury Children's Books Pegasus Princesses #4 Star's Gaze
Bloomsbury Children's Books Pegasus Princesses #4 Star's Gaze

Pegasus Princesses #4 Star's Gaze

By Emily Bliss


Publication Date: February 8, 2022

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Ages 7 to 10

From the author of Unicorn Princesses comes a high-flying chapter book series about a girl who goes on magical adventures with the Pegasus Princesses.

When eight-year-old, pegasus-obsessed Clara Griffin is playing in the forest, she’s thrilled to discover a magical silver feather and a flying armchair that transport her to the Wing Realm, the land of the pegasus princesses!

It’s Lucinda’s birthday, and Princess Star has planned a spectacular surprise for the pegasus princesses’ winged pet cat. Lucinda’s cousins, the mooncats, have agreed to host a party in their palace on the Catmoon—the Wing Realm’s very own moon. Clara and Star fly in a magic spaceship to meet the moon creatures and prepare for the party. But as soon as they start cleaning and decorating the palace, mooncat mayhem erupts. Will Clara and Star be able to save the party?

Featuring black-and-white illustrations throughout and eye-catching, sparkly covers, this series is another must-have for chapter book readers.

About the Author

Emily Bliss, also the author of the Unicorn Princesses series, lives with her winged cat in a house surrounded by woods. From her living room window, she can see silver feathers and green flying armchairs. Like Clara Griffin, she knows pegasuses are real.

Sydney Hanson was raised in Minnesota alongside numerous pets and brothers. In addition to her traditional illustrations, Sydney has worked for animation shops, including Nickelodeon and Disney Interactive. She is the illustrator of the Unicorn Princesses series and several picture books. Sydney lives in Los Angeles. @sydwiki

Format: Trade Paperback

Length: 128 pages

Publisher: Bloomsbury Children's Books

Publication Date: February 8, 2022

ISBN: 9781547608416

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