The Big Book of Jobs The Big Book of Jobs
The Big Book of Jobs The Big Book of Jobs

The Big Book of Jobs

By Hana Mokrosova


Publication Date: May 2, 2023

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Ages 6 to 9

This fully illustrated career guide helps kids find out what their future profession might be based on their hobbies. Let them find their dream job!After answering questions provided on the content page that offers a variety of different interests, kids can skip to pages with the most suitable jobs for them. For example: if a kid loves drawing and making things, they can become a painter, of course, but also a tattoo artist, a make-up artist, a restorer, or even a scenographer! Is the kid interested in animals? Then a veterinarian is not the only option. What about a wildlife photographer, a zookeeper, an animal trainer for people with disabilities, or a wildlife rehabilitator?Fourteen chapters provide over 150 possibilities on what to do from classic well-known jobs to the most recent and modern professions.

About the Author

Hana Mokrosova studied a literary and publishing secondary school. During her studies, she really enjoyed literature, creative writing, and visiting book fairs as well as various graphic exhibitions. Later she took a degree in Special Education (logopedics, surdopedics, specific learning disabilities). Since then, she has been working with children as a special needs teacher. Both in her job and in her leisure time, she creates books for young and adult readers, and she is also a successful foodblogger, since baking is one of her passions, too.Helena Harastova is a Czech writer, a translator from English and Russian, and now primarily a mom.Elena Pokaleva is a professional illustrator, coming from a family where both parents work as artists and create kids' books too. In 2010, Elena moved to Prague (Czech Republic) to start her professional life as an illustrator in Europe and to get new unique experience in studying abroad. Since then, she has had 3 personal exhibitions in Prague, created books, board games, and design products. Elena usually creates her illustrations in two different styles. Sometimes she works with vectors and creates funny simple geometrical illustrations with a help of graphic programs. Sometimes she prefers to become a real “retro” artist, and only works with her hands, painting with tempera, gouache, watercolor pencils on the paper, experimenting with textures, different color effects, materials and collage.

Format: Hardcover Paper over boards

Length: 64 pages

Publisher: Albatros Media

Publication Date: May 2, 2023

ISBN: 9788000067988

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