Cool Springs Press The Climate Change Garden, UPDATED EDITION Cool Springs Press The Climate Change Garden, UPDATED EDITION
Cool Springs Press The Climate Change Garden, UPDATED EDITION Cool Springs Press The Climate Change Garden, UPDATED EDITION

The Climate Change Garden, UPDATED EDITION

By Sally Morgan


Publication Date: January 10, 2023

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The Climate Change Garden outlines an actionable plan for cultivating a resilient edible or ornamental garden that can handle the broad-reaching effects of climate change. 

In this global gardener’s guide to creating a resilient, climate-wise garden, learn how to adapt your garden to cope with volatile weather extremes and other effects of a rapidly changing climate.It’s no longer gardening as usual. Heat waves, droughts, flooding, violent storms…the long-predicted extremes of weather caused by climate change are now on our doorstep, and gardeners around the world are feeling the effects. Certain pests are staying active until much later in the season, many plants are blooming earlier, soils are eroding and degrading at a rapid pace, unpredictable rainfall is water-logging our gardens, and fiercer storms are uprooting trees and snapping branches. Not to mention the effects of prolonged drought in many parts of the world and the water rationing that comes with it. What’s a gardener to do?We need to learn how to protect the garden against climate extremes, exotic pests, invasive weeds, and more. The Climate Change Garden is the first book to reveal which types of gardens are better suited to deal with such extremes and which techniques, practices, and equipment can be put to good use in our gardens to help temper the issues. There’s no getting away from it; no matter where on the planet you live, the climate and weather patterns are changing fast, and our gardening practices need to catch up.With the aim of building a more durable, robust, and productive garden beneath the shadow of climate change, you’ll learn how to: Adapt your plant selections, planting practices, and garden maintenance techniques for the new futureSelect vegetable and fruit varieties that are more adaptable to weather extremes and more capable of resisting pests and diseases Find ways to manage excess storm water runoff and minimize the heat island effectFoster wildlife and discover the importance of creating a safe haven for these creatures in a changing worldUse season extenders like cold frames, high tunnels, and row covers to protect edible plants from weather eventsTake measures to reduce your garden’s carbon footprint, including going no-till, building a green roof, and compostingLimit the risks from wind, frost, and snow by taking advantage of microclimates, planting wind breaks, and physically protecting plantsPlant more of the right trees for your future climate to help cool your home, slow the movement of water, and hold soil in place

The Climate Change Garden is about working with the natural world to create a productive, low-maintenance, climate-savvy garden that’s capable of standing strong against the effects of a changing climate.

About the Author

Sally Morgan is a botanist with a life-long interest in gardening. She’s written articles and books on food, farming, and the environment and owns an organic farm where she teaches courses on small farming ( Sally is the editor of Organic Farming magazine and gives talks on various garden- and farm-related subjects across the United Kingdom and beyond.Kim Stoddart writes for publications such as The Guardian on climate change gardening and resilient gardening. She has gardening columns in several magazines, including Grow Your Own and Country Smallholding, and edits The Organic Way for Garden Organic. Kim also contributes regularly to a range of publications, such as Gardeners’  World magazine, Bloom, The Telegraph, The Lancet, and The Daily Express. She is a homesteader and runs courses online and in person via

Format: Paperback

Length: 224 pages

Publisher: Cool Springs Press

Publication Date: January 10, 2023

ISBN: 9780760379486

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