Kyle Books The Goodness of Ginger and Turmeric: ...Anti-Inflammatory Recipes
Kyle Books The Goodness of Ginger and Turmeric: ...Anti-Inflammatory Recipes

The Goodness of Ginger and Turmeric: ...Anti-Inflammatory Recipes

By Emily Jonzen


Publication Date: October 02, 2018

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Grown-Up Cooking 


Ginger and Turmeric have been used for centuries to add flavor and richness to dishes as well as treat a range of ailments. Ginger has an age old tradition of alleviating symptoms of gastrointestinal distress and turmeric has long been used to tackle inflammation. Scientists are constantly surprised by the wide range of health benefits they offer.

Part of The Goodness Of series, this book is arranged into Drinks, Tonics & Preserves, Light Bites & Sides, Mains and Sweet Treats, with a selection of vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free recipes ranging from Tomato & Ginger Chutney to Turmeric & Cardamom Buns, and from Ginger Chicken Broth to Beef & Ginger Stew. Plus it includes popular drinks such as Golden Chai Latte and Ginger Beer.

A love for food and real appreciation of great produce is at the core of these beautiful books. The delicious recipes will inspire you to delve into your store cupboard and transform simple recipes into fantastic dishes.


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