Titan Books The Paperback Sleuth - Death in Fine Condition
Titan Books The Paperback Sleuth - Death in Fine Condition

The Paperback Sleuth - Death in Fine Condition

By Andrew Cartmel


Publication Date: June 6, 2023

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Launching a new series, a cast of lovable rogues face fiendish puzzles and murderous villains in this love letter to Agatha Christie murder mysteries and classic whodunnits.

Introducing a new series from the creator of the beloved Vinyl Detective novels.

Cordelia Stanmer knows books. An addict-turned-dealer of classic crime paperbacks, she spends her days hunting for the rarest of the rare in the charity shops and book sales of suburban London, pining for the woman of her dreams and avoiding her landlord’s latest demand for the rent. The most elusive prize of all, her white whale, a set of Sleuth Hound novels. A complete set of those would solve all her problems. 

By chance she discovers such a set. The only problem? They’re not for sale. Still, nothing a little burglary can’t solve. But when the owner of the books turns out to be a violent criminal, and Cordelia’s best laid plans to pay rent, buy weed and woo the object of her affections start to fall apart, she realises she may have placed herself in the crosshairs of a villain torn straight from the pages of her precious novels.

Story Locale:Richmond, London, UK

About the Author

Andrew Cartmel was born in London and grew up in midwestern Canada where, among other things, he learned the meaning of the words “wind chill factor.”  The fine public libraries of his childhood provided a rich feast (Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein, the Oz books) and Andrew never wanted to be anything except a writer. On returning to London to study at university, his game plan was to support himself writing for television while getting established as a novelist. This led him into a detour — and down a rabbit hole — which included a distinguished sojourn script editing Doctor Who for three years (search “Cartmel masterplan”). At the same time, he began writing for comics and today he co-writes the Rivers of London graphic novels. A playwright and crime novelist, Andrew created the Vinyl Detective while listening to a lot of music, most of it good. Most of it very good. Andrew Cartmel lives in London with too many books, too many records and just enough cats.

Author Residence: UK

Author Hometown: London

Format: Trade Paperback

Length: 480 pages

Publisher: Titan Books

Publication Date: June 6, 2023

ISBN: 9781789098945

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