Grand Central Publishing These Impossible Things: A novel
Grand Central Publishing These Impossible Things: A novel

These Impossible Things: A novel

By Salma El-Wardany


Publication Date: June 7, 2022

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A razor‑sharp debut novel of three best friends navigating love, sex, faith, and the one night that changes it all.

It’s always been Malak, Kees, and Jenna against the world. Since childhood, under the watchful eyes of their parents, and countless aunties and uncles, they’ve learned to live their own lives alongside the expectations of being good Muslim women. Staying over at a boyfriend's place is disguised as a best friend’s sleepover, and tiredness can be blamed on studying instead of partying. But as they grow older and the stakes of love and life grow higher, the three young women find this delicate balancing act between rebellion and religion increasingly difficult to navigate.


Malak has always wanted the whole package: for her partner, community, and faith to coexist happily, and she wants this dream so much she's willing to break her own heart to get it. Kees is in love with Harry, a white Catholic man who her parents can never know about. When he proposes, she must decide between her future happiness and the life she knows and family she loves. Jenna is the life of the party, always ready to seek out new pleasures even though she’s plagued by a sense of loneliness she can’t shake. Through it all, they have always had each other. But as their college years come to a close, one night changes everything as harsh truths are revealed and their bonds are ruptured.


As their lives begin to take different paths, Malak, Kees, and Jenna—now on the precipice of true adulthood—must find a way back to each other as they reconcile faith, family, and tradition with their own needs and desires. These Impossible Things is a paean to youth and female friendship—and to all the joy and messiness love holds.

About the Author

Salma El‑Wardany is a writer, poet, and BBC broadcaster. As a half‑Egyptian, half‑Irish woman her work focuses on telling the stories of women, especially women of color, that have for so long been ignored. She has contributed to the anthology It’s Not About the Burqa, and her writing has also appeared in Huffington Post, theMetro and she has given two TedxTalks.

Format: Hardcover

Length: 416 pages

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Publication Date: June 7, 2022

ISBN: 9781538709306

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