HarperCollins Voyage of the Dogs
HarperCollins Voyage of the Dogs

Voyage of the Dogs


Publication Date: September 04, 2018

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Author: van Eekhout, Greg
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Ages 8 to 12, Grades 3 to 7


It’s Homeward Bound—set in space! This middle grade adventure about a pack of specially trained astronaut dogs who must survive a disastrous mission is a must-read for tweens, parents, and animal lovers alike.



Laika damaged.

Human crew missing.

We are the dogs.

We are alone.


Lopside is a Barkonaut—a specially trained dog who assists human astronauts on missions in space. He, Champion, Bug, and Daisy are the canine crew aboard the spaceship Laika, en route to set up an outpost on a distant planet.


When the mission takes a disastrous turn, the dogs suddenly find themselves completely alone on their severely damaged ship.


Survival seems impossible. But these dogs are Barkonauts—and Barkonauts always complete their mission.


Perfect for fans of Gordon Korman, Margaret Peterson Haddix, and C. Alexander London, this canine space adventure full of action, tension, and heart is truly out of this world.


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