Events Calendar

  • Sunday, May 26 at 10:30am: Storytime with Eric Toda and Shay Fan, What in the World is Ezra’s Art?
  • Saturday, June 1 at 2pm: Book launch with Eric Darnell, in conversation with Gene Luen Yang, The Magic Paintbrush
  • Saturday, June 8 at 11am: Book launch with Jen de Oliveira, Reggie: Penguin in Charge
  • Sunday, June 9 at 11am: Book launch with Vicky Fang, Ava Lin, Best Friend! RSVP Now »
  • Saturday, June 15 at 5pm: Book launch with Gennifer Choldenko, in conversation with Stacey Lee, The Ten Mistakes of Hank Hooperman
  • Sunday, June 16 at 10:30am: Book launch with Kerry Aradhya, Erno Rubik and his Magic Cube
  • Saturday, June 22 at 11am: Book launch with Cheryl Kim, in conversation with Margaret Chiu Greanias, Wat Takes His Shot
  • Sunday, June 30 at 4pm: Middle Grade Book Club: Lulu Sinagtala and the City of Noble Warriors
  • Wednesday, July 17 at 7:30pm: Adult Fiction Book Club: The Husbands
  • Sunday, July 21 at 2pm: Story Workshops for Kids (ages 7-11)
  • Sunday, July 21 at 3pm: Story Workshops for Teens (ages 12-18)
  • Every Sunday at 10:30am: Outdoor Storytime


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Storytime with Eric Toda and Shay Fan
Sunday, May 26 at 10:30am


We’re excited to welcome authors Eric Toda and Shay Fan for Sunday storytime as they share their picture book debut, What in the World Is Ezra’s Art?


Ezra is a seven-year-old boy who likes cheese-flavored ice cream, flying off the couch with his superhero cape, and peeling dried glue off his fingers. And he LOVES making art. Every day at Braddock Elementary, he doodles, draws, paints, and crafts with abandon.


When he makes something, the entire world melts away, his heart feels warm, and his entire body wants to wiggle. But there is one problem. Even though he loves making it, no one understands it.


In this heartwarming picture book, little Ezra questions whether he should continue to make art when his parents, teachers, and classmates don't seem to get, or even like, his creations. What in the World Is Ezra's Art explores the question: Can he feel good about his art when no one else does?




Book Launch with Eric Darnell
In Conversation with Gene Luen Yang
Saturday, June 1 at 2pm


Join us on Saturday, June 1 at 2pm as we welcome author Eric Darnell, in conversation with bestselling author Gene Luen Yang, to discuss his new middle-grade novel, The Magic Paintbrush.

Amy has always loved art, but lately her drawings have been less than impressive. There's no passion, nopersonality, no...magic. Until Amy visits her Lao Lao, her grandmother, and finds an ancient paintbrush that brings anything Amy creates to life!

Now her creation Luna has taken over her bedroom and is running through the streets of Flushing, Queens. What awaits: an international adventure filled with an ancient Chinese legend, a greedy adversary and ghastly beasts!

Award-winning author Kat Zhang teams up with Eric Darnell, the writer and director of the Madagascar series and the Chief Creative Officer of Baobab Studios, to create a captivating highly-illustrated middle grade series debut about finding your own path, the power of imagination, and the strength of family.




Book Launch with Jen de Oliveira
Saturday, June 8 at 11am


Join us on Saturday, June 8 at 11am as we celebrate the launch of Reggie: Penguin in Charge with author-illustrator Jen de Oliveira! Get a signed, personalized copy of the book when you pre-order from Linden Tree! During checkout, leave a comment in the Notes field telling us how you want the author to sign your book.

Reggie the kid penguin returns with his trademark spunk and energy for more daily adventures…but they rarely go according to plan in this hilarious early reader graphic novel series.

Around the neighborhood, Reggie is up to his regular shenanigans. But it seems like everything he does causes a mess! When he's building a toy robot, parts fly everywhere. When he's blowing bubbles, the suds make his flippers all slimy. And let's not even get started on what happens at the local pet talent show!

Reggie has a knack for causing a scene, but can this penguin use his creative energy to problem solve and learn what it means to take charge?




Book Launch with Vicky Fang
In Conversation with Christine Evans
Sunday, June 9 at 11am
RSVP here »


Join us on Sunday, June 9 at 11am to celebrate the launch of Ava Lin, Best Friend! with author-illustrator Vicky Fang! She’ll be in conversation with local author, Christine Evans. RSVP here »


Preorder through Linden Tree to receive a signed, personalized copy with bonus postcard! Include the name you'd like the author to sign to in the notes field at checkout.

Ava Lin is six and a half years old, and she loves bubble tea, finding treasures, and animals (note the 117 varieties of pets on her wish list). She’s very good at drawing and balancing pasta on her nose. And there’s a Very Exciting Thing happening in her life right now: tomorrow is her first day of first grade! Which means she gets a new backpack, new pencils, and a new lunch box. But what she really wants to get in first grade is a best friend, which isn’t as easy as she thought.

Ava’s quest has her navigating some confusing social rules, with unintentionally comical results—but she always manages to wriggle out of her mishaps in ways young readers will find very familiar. With an engaging text, humorous graphic panels, and black-and-white illustrations, Vicky Fang draws on her Chinese American family’s experience to create a heroine kids will instantly love.




Book Launch with Gennifer Choldenko
In Conversation with Stacey Lee
Saturday, June 15 at 5pm


We’re excited to welcome New York Times bestselling author Gennifer Choldenko on Saturday, June 15 at 5pm to celebrate the launch of her fantastic new novel, The Tenth Mistake of Hank Hooperman. Gennifer will be in conversation with New York Times bestselling author, Stacey Lee.

When eleven-year-old Hank’s mom doesn’t come home, he takes care of his toddler sister, Boo, like he always does. But it’s been a week now. They are out of food and mom has never stayed away this long… Hank knows he needs help, so he and Boo seek out the stranger listed as their emergency contact.

But asking for help has consequences. It means social workers, and a new school, and having to answer questions about his mom that he's been trying to keep secret. And if they can't find his mom soon, Hank and Boo may end up in different foster homes--he could lose everything. 

Gennifer Choldenko has written a heart-wrenching, healing, and ultimately hopeful story about how complicated family can be. About how you can love someone, even when you can’t rely on them. And about the transformative power of second chances.




Book Launch with Kerry Aradhya
Sunday, June 16 at 10:30am


Join us on Sunday, June 16 at 10:30am as we celebrate the launch of Erno Rubik and his Magic Cube with author Kerry Aradhya! Preorder from Linden Tree to receive a signed, personalized copy as well as a double-sided art print and sticker sheet! If you would like your book personalized, please include a note during checkout indicating how you would like your book signed. 


This first picture book biography of Erno Rubik, creator of the Rubik’s Cube, reveals the obsession, imagination, and engineering process behind the creation of a bestselling puzzle that will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2024.


A solitary child, Erno Rubik grew up in post-World War II Hungary obsessed with puzzles, art, nature, and the underlying patterns and structures. He became a professor of art, architecture, and design, who was still fascinated with how objects work together, sometimes becoming greater than their components. In a quest to help his students understand three-dimensional objects and how they move—not to mention a desire to entertain himself—he fashioned a cube whose pieces twisted and turned without breaking, and unexpectedly invented the Rubik's Cube, the most popular puzzle in history, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2024.




Book Launch with Cheryl Kim
In Conversation with Margaret Chiu Greanias
Saturday, June 22 at 11am


We’re excited to welcome author Cheryl Kim on Saturday, June 22 at 11am to celebrate the launch of her picture book debut, Wat Takes His Shot! Cheryl will be in conversation with local author Margaret Chiu Greanias. Get a signed bookplate and stickers when you pre-order the book from Linden Tree.


The stirring biography of Japanese American basketball star Wataru Misaka--the first person of color to play in the NBA!


As a kid, Wataru Misaka channeled his endless energy into playing sports. Every Sunday, he raced to the park where his Japanese American community came together to play basketball. Wat wasn't the tallest on the team, but he was fast and loved the game! Encouraged by his father to always do his best, Wat applied this mentality to every aspect and challenge in his life.


Wat was a college student when the US government forced more than 122,000 Japanese Americans living on the West Coast into incarceration camps during WWII. He overcame racism and segregation to join his college's basketball team but despite Wat's impressive skills, he was treated as an outsider because he was Japanese American. Wat kept his eye on the ball, and his team-player mentality made him shine on and off the court. He became an inspiration to his Japanese American community. After helping Utah University's basketball team win the national championship in 1947, Wat was drafted by the New York Knicks, making him the first person of color to play in the NBA.



Middle Grade Book Club: Lulu Sinagtala and the City of Noble Warriors
Sunday, June 30 at 4pm


Led by bookseller Lorilee, our middle grade book club introduces interested readers to amazing new books and the opportunity to talk about them in a fun, relaxed group setting. 


This month's book is Lulu Sinagtala and the City of Noble Warriors by Gail D. Villanueva, an action-packed middle grade fantasy steeped in Tagalog mythology and perfect for fans of Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky.

Lulu Sinagtala can’t wait for a fun Christmas break. But when a vicious wakwak attacks her neighborhood and kidnaps Mom, Lulu discovers the creatures and deities of Tagalog myth are real and that two additional Realms exist beyond our own. To make it worse, Lulu has superhuman strength and the ability to wield magic, meaning she’s the only one powerful enough to stop the evil spirit who’s determined to rule the three Realms at all costs. No pressure, right?

Get 10% off the book in-store or online now through June 30. Please email [email protected] to RSVP.



Adult Fiction Book Club: The Husbands
Wednesday, July 17 at 7:30pm


Join booksellers Andi and Sierra on Wednesday, July 17 at 7:30pm for the next meeting of our Adult Fiction Book Club! We’ll have a lively discussion with snacks and beverages.


This month, we will be discussing The Husbands by Holly Gramazio. When Lauren returns home to her flat in London late one night, she is greeted at the door by her husband, Michael. There’s only one problem—she’s not married. She’s never seen this man before in her life. But according to her friends, her much-improved decor, and the photos on her phone, they’ve been together for years.

As Lauren tries to puzzle out how she could be married to someone she can’t remember meeting, Michael goes to the attic to change a lightbulb and abruptly disappears. In his place, a new man emerges, and a new, slightly altered life re-forms around her. Realizing that her attic is creating an infinite supply of husbands, Lauren confronts the question: If swapping lives is as easy as changing a lightbulb, how do you know you’ve taken the right path? When do you stop trying to do better and start actually living?



Story Writing Workshops for Kids & Teens
Sunday, July 21 at 2:00pm (ages 7-11)
Sunday, July 21 at 3:00pm (ages 12-18) 

Get your creative juices flowing with our story writing workshops for kids! We’ll provide a story game to jump start our imaginations, tips for creating unique characters and plot twists, two writing coaches for brainstorming and feedback, and a welcoming, creative space.


These free meetups are led by Shu-Hsien Ho and Royd Hatta of Beyond the Box Learning (both are former Linden Tree booksellers!). We will meet in front of the store where there will be comfortable seating and tables. Please bring your imagination, enthusiasm, notebook, pencils/pens, and erasers. Don’t forget your mask and a bottle of water!


Space is limited! To RSVP, please email [email protected].



Outdoor Storytimes
Sundays at 10:30am


Join us every Sunday morning at 10:30am in front of the store as one of our booksellers (or perhaps a local author) shares some of their favorite read-alouds. (Grab a tasty treat from our neighbors at Manresa while your kids enjoy the stories!) All storytimes feature picture books and are appropriate for all ages.



Past Author Visits


We have been fortunate to host many amazing authors and illustrators–in-store, off-site, online, and at local schools–during our forty years in business. Here are a few that have visited recently: 


  • Aaron Blabey
  • Aaron Reynolds
  • Adam Gidwitz
  • Ally Condie
  • Ben Clanton
  • Betty C. Tang
  • Chanel Miller
  • Dana Simpson
  • David Yoon
  • Erin Entrada Kelly
  • Faith Erin Hicks
  • Greg Pizzoli
  • Jan Brett
  • Jennifer Chambliss Bertman
  • Jessica Hische
  • Joanna Ho
  • Jon Agee
  • Jon Klassen
  • Judd Winick
  • Katherine Applegate
  • Kelly Yang
  • Leigh Bardugo
  • Loren Long
  • Lynda Mullaly Hunt
  • Mac Barnett
  • Margaret Peterson Haddix
  • Misa Sugiura
  • Nicole Chen
  • Nidhi Chanani
  • Patricia Polacco
  • Peter Reynolds
  • Rosemary Wells
  • Ruta Sepetys
  • Samira Ahmed
  • Sara Pennypacker
  • Stacey Lee
  • Tracy Deonn
  • William Joyce
  • ... and many more!


We're looking forward to hosting more of your favorite authors and illustrators in the future!


Jan Brett signing books  Jessica Hische speaking to students  Mac Barnett meeting a student

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