Roaring Brook Press If Dinosaurs Had Hair
Roaring Brook Press If Dinosaurs Had Hair

If Dinosaurs Had Hair

By Dan Marvin


Publication Date: October 11, 2022

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Ages 3 to 6

This laugh-out-loud picture book by Dan Marvin, with tongue-in-cheek art by Lesley Vamos, is an irreverent exploration of what it might've looked like if dinosaurs had lusciously stylized 'dos.

What if dinosaurs had hair? Why, if dinosaurs had hair, then they must have had parents who brushed it too hard. And siblings who pulled it. But that's just the beginning.

Hair as extravagently fabulous as theirs must've been shown off. Blow-dried and thrown dramatically over a dinosaur shoulder. Braided and strutted by the most popular watering hole. It had to have been stylized to absolute perfection . . . or, at least, better than the dinosaur next to them. Because where there's hair, there's always going to be hair gossip. And, of course, hair drama. Before they knew it, it had to have been dinosaur versus dinosaur in an ever-growing escalation of Mesozoic hair wars.

An uproarious picture book that imagines a world in which dinosaurs had hair that ends with a big bang . . . or bangs.

About the Author

Dan Marvin grew up in the Big Bangs period of the 1980s. These days, he can be found in Michigan, once known for its woolly mammoths. He shares a hairbrush with his wife, son and daughter. But not with their two dogs, even though they’re woollier than mammoths.

Lesley Vamos received a high distinction in BA Design at COFA with a special honorary award in animation, although she still holds a pencil incorrectly. She spends her time doodling, traveling, running her design and illustration business, and hanging out with her little family. She resides in Sydney, Australia. Lesley is the illustrator of Lou Lou and Pea and the Mural Mystery.

Format: Hardcover Picture Book

Length: 32 pages

Publisher: Roaring Brook Press

Publication Date: October 11, 2022

ISBN: 9781250792563

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