Penguin Workshop Princess Pulverizer #1 Grilled Cheese and Dragons
Penguin Workshop Princess Pulverizer #1 Grilled Cheese and Dragons

Princess Pulverizer #1 Grilled Cheese and Dragons

By Nancy Krulik


Publication Date: January 16, 2018

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Ages 6 to 8


Meet the princess who’d rather wear a suit of armor than a crown!

Princess Serena (or as she prefers, Princess Pulverizer) doesn’t want to be a princess—she wants to be knight!


But her father, King Alexander of Empiria, thinks she still has a lot to learn when it comes to exhibiting valiant behavior.


So he presents a challenge: the princess must first go on a Quest of Kindness and perform good deeds to prove that she truly deserves to go to knight school.


With help from a friendly dragon named Dribble and a perpetually terrified knight-in-training Lucas, can she complete her quest and discover what it really takes to be a hero?

Series Overview: A self-involved princess who wants to be a knight goes on a Quest of Kindness, along with a failed knight-in-training and a friendly dragon who loves to cook, so she can prove she deserves to go to Knight School.

02-12-2017 03:25

The story of Princess Pulverizer by Nancy Krulik hooked me. I couldn't stop reading it because I thought it funny, exciting and had a lot of adventure.

I especially thought so because of the element of surprise. For example, when a dragon named Dribble said he could use fire breathing for the cause of good, he grilled a grilled cheese sandwich with his fire, which I did not see coming.

Another time, Princess Pulverizer got locked up in a tower PURPOSELY so she could get stolen Jules back from an ogre.

I don't have a favorite character, but I would read this book again.

I recommend this book to ages 6+ and kids who love funny adventures.

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