Cuento de Luz Abuelos
Cuento de Luz Abuelos

Publication Date: March 7, 2023

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Ages 4 to 8, Grades K to 3

Grandparents — The fifth book in the dazzling bestselling saga about family love. A tribute to the lifelong bond between grandparents and grandchildren.

“My grandparents are around me in all different ways. I can feel them in the wind, and in the flight of the butterflies”

Today I’m going to write a letter straight from the heart, hoping that words can explain what my grandparents mean to me. I’d like to capture on a piece of paper every afternoon we spent in the park, the delicious aromas from grandma's kitchen, the crazy stories I have always been told, and the stories they whispered in my ear at nightfall. I know that when I grow up, those memories will keep on guiding me for many, many years, and I will cherish the tenderness you inspire forever.

This story about unconditional love and gratitude towards life will fill your hearts with tenderness and create a safe environment to share a magic moment with your children.

Llega la quinta entrega de la premiada colección “Amor de familia”, Abuelos. Una historia tierna y entrañable que dibuja el vínculo inquebrantable e incondicional con los abuelos.

«Mis abuelos están a mi alrededor de muchas formas. Los siento en el viento y en el vuelo de las mariposas.»

Me gustaría escribir una carta y contar de corazón aquello que los abuelos significan para mí. Querría plasmar en una hoja de papel todas las tardes en el parque, los aromas que salían de la cocina, las historias descabelladas que siempre me han contado y los cuentos que me leían al abrigo de la noche. Pasará el tiempo, pero nunca olvidaré ese amor que siento al recordarlos, esa ternura que me despiertan los momentos vividos.

Esta historia sobre amor incondicional y gratitud hacia la vida os llenará los corazones de ternura y creará un entorno seguro donde poder compartir la magia y el amor con los niños.Un cuento con ilustraciones a todo color para toda la familia.

About the Author

Ariel Andrés Almada is an Argentine social entrepreneur and consultant. He has lectured around the world, and published articles in leading business magazines. He combines his work with creating children’s stories, his other passion. He has published with Cuento de Luz the titles Walking in a World of Aromas, The Lighthouse of Souls and The Fear of Ivan. He currently resides in León (Spain).

Sonja Wimmer loves painting pictures and telling stories. After studying and working for some years as a graphic designer in her hometown of Munich and Brussels, she decided to pack her suitcase and move to Barcelona to study Illustration at the Llotja Arts and Crafts School. Since then, she lives between brushes and stories, working as an illustrator and freelance for publishers and other customers worldwide. She has received many awards for her work in the United States, most notably Gold Medal for Best Illustrator for The Word Collector.

Format: Hardcover

Length: 32 pages

Publisher: Cuento de Luz

ISBN: 9788418302909

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