Melville House Against Platforms: Surviving Digital Utopia
Melville House Against Platforms: Surviving Digital Utopia

Against Platforms: Surviving Digital Utopia

By Mike Pepi


Publication Date: January 7, 2025

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A bold and imaginative critique of the hidden costs of digital life – and a manifesto for a better future . . .

At the turn of the millennium, digital technologies seemed to have immense promise for transforming our society. With these powerful new tools, the thinking went, we would be free to live our best lives, connected to our communities in ways full of infinite potential.

A quarter of a century on, this form of utopianism seems like a cruel mirage. Our lives are more fragmented and pressure-filled as ever, as we race to keep up with technologies that manipulate, command, and drain us at every turn. 

So what happened? In Against Platforms, technologist and creator Mike Pepi lays out an explanation of what went wrong – and a manifesto for putting it right.

The key, says Pepi, is that we have been taught that digital technologies are neutral tools, transparent, easily understood, and here to serve us. The reality, Pepi says, is that they are laden with assumptions and collateral consequences – ideology, in other words. And it is this hidden ideology that must be dismantled if we are to harness technology for the fullest expression of our humanity.

About the Author

By day, Mike Pepi is a mild-mannered tech consultant working in anonymity at a large financial institution in Manhattan. By night, he is a radical cultural theorist, art critic, and podcaster who self-identifies as part of the “tech left” – digital natives who want to reshape technology as a force for progressive good. His writing has been published in Spike, Frieze, e-flux, and other avant-garde publications favored by the downtown set.

Author Residence: New York

Author Hometown: Long Island

Format: Trade Paperback

Length: 256 pages

Publisher: Melville House

Publication Date: January 7, 2025

ISBN: 9781685891374

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