Immedium Amazing Chinese Inventions: The Story of Kites
Immedium Amazing Chinese Inventions: The Story of Kites

Amazing Chinese Inventions: The Story of Kites

By Ying Chang Compestine

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Learn how the three fun-loving Kang brothers created kites, one of China’s most famous inventions! This colorfully redesigned edition features a new bilingual Chinese translation.

The playful Kang brothers (Ting, Pan, and Kùai) discovered four of China's most famous discoveries in the series Amazing Chinese Inventions. The brothers must protect the rice harvest from the birds. Then the boys get an idea: if they made wings, they could drive the birds away!

Using paper, straw, and feathers, the boys experiment with flying many different things! What can get the job done and be fun to fly? The story features an author’s note on kites’ history and instructions for making your own kite.

"Written to appeal to children in primary grades, the exciting story of the invention of kites is told in both English and Chinese/Mandarin narratives, with exciting, vibrant woodcut-style illustrations and brilliant primary colors."
- Midwest Book Review


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