Odd Dot Apprentice Academy: Sorcerers
Odd Dot Apprentice Academy: Sorcerers

Apprentice Academy: Sorcerers

By Hal Johnson


Publication Date: August 1, 2023

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Ages 9 to 12

Everything you need for studying magic!

Welcome to the Apprentice Academy. Congratulations on your acceptance to one of the world’s finest institutions for sorcery. Your course of study here will be long and perilous, but this book of sorcery skills and fascinating tales from the world of magic will help you along the way—ideally with all your limbs and wits intact.

Learn how to:

· Read minds!

· Prophesize!

· Perform a love spell!

· Choose an animal familiar!

· Turn anything into gold!

· Summon demons!

· Find a lair!

· And more!

But most of all learn to cheat, or, rather, to weasel through without actually cheating.

Please follow all instructions carefully, as one wrong move can transform your hands into forks or serpents, and then you will have a hard time turning the page.

Explore magic across the world with myths and tales from:

· Italy

· China

· Egypt

· Cyprus

· India

· Ireland

· Greece

· France

· England

· Turkey

· Iran

· Scotland

· Norway

· Spain

· Albania

· Gabon

· Iraq

· Israel

· Algeria

· Indonesia

· Wales

· Germany

· Czech Republic

· United States

· Greenland

· Russia

· Tunisia

· Romania

· Nigeria

· Hungary

· Mongolia

· Iceland

· Finland

· And more!

About the Author

Hal Johnson is the author of several books, including the comparatively well-received Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods. Please invite him to your science fiction convention or competitive tea-tasting.

Format: Hardcover Paper over boards

Length: 160 pages

Publisher: Odd Dot

Publication Date: August 1, 2023

ISBN: 9781250808356

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