Sourcebooks Landmark Babylonia: A Novel Sourcebooks Landmark Babylonia: A Novel
Sourcebooks Landmark Babylonia: A Novel Sourcebooks Landmark Babylonia: A Novel

Babylonia: A Novel

By Costanza Casati


Publication Date: January 14, 2025

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When kings fall, queens rise.

Nothing about Semiramis's upbringing could have foretold her legacy. Born to a woman scorned by Aphrodite and raised as an orphan on the outskirts of an empire, Semiramis was never meant to hold power. But that does not mean she was not made for it. When she meets a young representative of the new Assyrian king a path unfolds before her, one that puts her in the midst of a brutal world and at the heart of two men raised as brothers—one who just happens to be king.Now a risen lady in a court of vipers, Semiramis becomes caught in the politics and brutality of ancient Assyria. But even amongst the lavishness of the kingdom, she feels the precariousness of her position. Instead of bartering with fate, Semiramis trains in both war and diplomacy. And with each move, she rises in rank, embroiled in a game of power, desire, family, and betrayal, until she can ascend to the only position that will ever keep her safe: Queen.This myth-based story follows Semiramis, the only female ruler of the Assyrian empire, and the famous love triangle that made her queen—usurping both a king and the man they both loved.

About the Author

COSTANZA CASATI was born in Texas in 1995, grew up in a village in Northern Italy and lived in the UK for five years. Before moving to London, she attended a classical Liceo in Italy, where she studied Ancient Greek, and Ancient Greek literature, for five years. Costanza is a graduate of the prestigious Warwick Writing MA programme where she earned a distinction, and currently works as a freelance journalist and screenwriter. Clytemnestra was her debut novel.

Format: Hardcover

Length: 448 pages

Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark

Publication Date: January 14, 2025

ISBN: 9781464228216

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