Clever Publishing Animal Families: Bedtime
Clever Publishing Animal Families: Bedtime

Animal Families: Bedtime


Publication Date: May 14, 2019

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Author: Kirn, W. Harry
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Ages 0 to 3, Grades P to P


A totally unique series exploring animals in the most entertaining way! Discover the fascinating sleeping habits of many amazing animals in their natural world.
Did you know that sea otters sleep holding hands? Baby dolphins stay awake for a whole month? Puppies snuggle together in a heap called a puppy pile?
Learn interesting facts about animals and their end-of-the-day activities. Then, compare them to your bedtime routine.
Animal Families encourage developmental learning through adorable, hilarious, and wonderful creatures! Little learners will delight in understanding daily lessons that they experience with their own families are shared by animal families!
Children are invited to make contrasts and comparisons between their own lives and the lives of these animals. As they do, they will be enriched by a respect and a sense of belonging to the natural world.

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