The Dare

Natasha Preston $12.99

Our Wicked Histories

Amy Goldsmith $19.99


Kristin Cast $19.99


Yoon Ha Lee $19.99


Soyoung Park $20.99

It Happened to Anna

Tehlor Kay Mejia $17.99

Such Charming Liars

Karen M. McManus $20.99

15 Secrets to Survival

Natalie D. Richards $17.99


Amanda Linsmeier $18.99

Six of Sorrow

Amanda Linsmeier $19.99

Nothing More to Tell

Karen M. McManus $13.99

Wander in the Dark

Jumata Emill $19.99

Dungeons and Drama

Kristy Boyce $11.99

These Bodies Between Us

Sarah Van Name $19.99

Bumps in the Night

Amalie Howard $17.99

Royal Scandal

Aimee Carter $19.99

A Place for Vanishing

Ann Fraistat $19.99

You'll Be the Death of Me

Karen M. McManus $12.99

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