They'll Never Catch Us

Jessica Goodman $10.99

Hotel Magnifique

Emily J. Taylor $18.99

Flirting with Fate

J. C. Cervantes $18.99

PAWS: Gabby Gets It Together

Nathan Fairbairn $12.99

Echoes and Empires

Morgan Rhodes $18.99

Look What We Can Do!

Candy James $10.99

The Bone Spindle

Leslie Vedder $18.99

Doom's Day Camp

Joshua Hauke $12.99

Love, Decoded

Jennifer Yen $18.99

A Taste for Love

Jennifer Yen $11.99

The Wide Starlight

Nicole Lesperance $10.99

The Tiny Chef

Rachel Larsen $18.99

The Valley and the Flood

Rebecca Mahoney $11.99

The Girls Are Never Gone

Sarah Glenn Marsh $17.99

Dark and Shallow Lies

Ginny Myers Sain $17.99

The Coldest Touch

Isabel Sterling $18.99

Skater Baby

Jack Noel $17.99

The Sleepover

Michael Regina $12.99

The Falling Girls

Hayley Krischer $18.99
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