HarperAlley Cat & Cat Adventures #2 The Goblet of Infinity
HarperAlley Cat & Cat Adventures #2 The Goblet of Infinity

Cat & Cat Adventures #2 The Goblet of Infinity

By Susie Yi


Publication Date: June 7, 2022

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Ages 6 to 10, Grades 1 to 5

In the second Cat & Cat Adventure, Squash and Ginny discover the only problem that comes with unlimited snacks...unfathomable thirst! Luckily, they know just what they need to quench their parched mouths: The Goblet of Infinity.

Squash and Ginny’s journey continues as they search for the Goblet of Infinity, a treasure that creates a never-ending supply of delicious drinks! But when the cats arrive at the goblet’s hiding place deep in a magical forest, the treasure is nowhere to be found.Instead, the cats meet a unibear named Fern who is convinced that the evil Dragon Witch has stolen the goblet—they must find and confront her! But as Squash and Ginny try to get to the bottom of the mystery, they begin to see that not everything (or everyone) is exactly as they seem.…

About the Author

Susie Yi is an author-illustrator and a lover of animals and magical adventures. After adopting two cats, Mickey and Minnie, from her local shelter, she always imagined them going through secret portals, brewing potions, and having mysterious quests while she wasn’t looking. She firmly believes that cats have a world of their own, and we’re along for the ride!

Format: Paperback

Length: 96 pages

Publisher: HarperAlley

Publication Date: June 7, 2022

ISBN: 9780063083837

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