Cheaper, Faster, Better: How We'll Win the Climate War
Cheaper, Faster, Better: How We'll Win the Climate War

Cheaper, Faster, Better: How We'll Win the Climate War

By Tom Steyer


Publication Date: May 28, 2024

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Renowned investor and climate activist Tom Steyer shows us how we can win the war on climate.

The climate is changing more rapidly than scientists predicted even a few years ago, with extreme weather already touching our everyday lives. At the same time, the clean energy revolution is forging ahead faster than nearly anyone anticipated. As Tom Steyer sees it, these two trends together create a moment like the one America faced during World War II: on the one hand, an existential threat calling for collective action; on the other, an opportunity to lead the world, protect the planet, and set the stage for a new generation of shared economic prosperity.In 2012, Steyer walked away from the highly successful investment fund he founded to devote himself full time to climate issues, and he’s been on the front lines of the fight ever since: funding cleantech research and businesses, spearheading clean-energy ballot measures and voter registration drives, and running for president on a climate platform. Today, he leads a climate investment firm focused on accelerating climate solutions. In this accessible book, Steyer shares his own story and showcases the inspiring and innovative work of other climate leaders in the clean-energy transition. He shows us how capitalism can be used to scale climate progress, debunks many of the arguments made by fossil fuel companies, and calls on all of us to make stabilizing our planet part of our life’s work. As green technology is fast becoming cleaner and cheaper, reshaping our planet’s future—and our own—has never been more crucial or within our reach.

About the Author

Tom Steyer is the coexecutive chair of Galvanize Climate Solutions, a multistrategy climate investment firm designed to unlock the generational opportunity of the energy transition. He founded America’s largest youth-voter engagement organization and cofounded a community development bank focused on justice and sustainability. He previously cofounded Farallon Capital, a pioneering hedge fund that he departed in 2012 in order to devote his time, money, and energy to climate issues. He lives happily in San Francisco.

Format: Hardcover

Length: 280 pages

Publisher: Spiegel & Grau

Publication Date: May 28, 2024

ISBN: 9781954118645

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