Draw and Discover: An Art-Making Journal for Kids

By Caren Sacks


Publication Date: January 23, 2024

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Ages 5 to 12, Grades K to 6

Developed by an experienced Art Therapist, this journal uses art-making and drawing as a vehicle for children to learn about themselves and how they fit into the world.

Making art is not only enjoyable for children but significant in their emotional, cognitive, and social development. Draw and Discover: An Art-Making Journal for Kids contains 60 carefully created prompts to help children become aware of their feelings, name them, express them and pay attention to the physical sensations that accompany them.

The journal gives children a safe place to explore on their own and invites them to share their work with trusted adults in their lives. The journal contains a section for adults that addresses the process of making art with children and best practices for how to respond when a child shares their art and tells their story. This sharing opens conversations and helps develop connections between adult and child.

Structured enough to give children guidance and open ended enough to give them freedom to explore and discover what emerges, the journal is perfect for children who like to draw as well as those children who prefer not to write.

The prompts, which are engaging and playful, were created by an art-therapist and reflect the insights gained after years of sharing the joys of making art with children and the adults in their lives.

About the Author

Caren Sacks is a licensed and board-certified Art Therapist. Through her work with children, teens, parents, caregivers, and adults in various settings, she has witnessed the profound impact of the creative process. Recognizing the joy and significance of art-making combined with her expertise as an Art Therapist, Caren developed Draw and Discover: A Kid's Art Making Journal and Vision and Voice: An Art-Making Journal for Teens. She hopes the art making invitations within these journals ignite creativity, foster self-awareness, and encourage free expression. Caren resides in New York, with her husband and their dog, Ziggy.

Format: Hardcover

Length: 128 pages

Publisher: The Collective Book Studio

ISBN: 9781685559021

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