Aladdin Dungeoneer Adventures 2 Aladdin Dungeoneer Adventures 2
Aladdin Dungeoneer Adventures 2 Aladdin Dungeoneer Adventures 2

Dungeoneer Adventures 2

By Ben Costa


Publication Date: May 2, 2023

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Ages 8 to 12, Grades 3 to 7

The Last Kids on Earth gets a fantasy twist in this high-stakes second book in the highly illustrated middle grade Dungeoneer series following Coop and his friends as they face dangerous rivals looking to get revenge on the academy.

Coop Cooperson thought he was settling into life as the only human at Dungeoneer Academy, but no one will even remember his mushroom maze victory if he keeps failing the Riddles and Ruins course. Adding insult to injury is the new kid, Kody, who everyone—including Coop’s best friend on the Green Team—thinks is so great... but Coop is convinced there’s more to Kody than meets the eye.

But when Coop, Oggie, Daz, Mindy, Kody, Zeke, and Axel are the only students left standing after poisoned punch at the school dance turns everyone else to stone, Coop has no choice but to work with Kody…and Zeke and Axel! The junior dungeoneers vow to stop whoever’s wreaking havoc at the academy only to realize the villains are even more dangerous than they thought, and that they have a serious vendetta against Dungeoneer Academy.

Coop and his friends put their best junior dungeoneer skills to the test, but their foes are always one step ahead—almost as if someone from inside the academy is feeding them information. But who could it possibly be?

About the Author

Ben Costa and James Parks are authors that have been friends since the second grade. In addition to Dungeoneer Adventures, they are the creators of the graphic novel series Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo (for which Ben is also the artist), as well as the tabletop roleplaying game Land of Eem.

Format: Hardcover Paper over boards

Length: 336 pages

Publisher: Aladdin

ISBN: 9781665910712

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