DK Children Dungeons & Dragons Pocket Expert
DK Children Dungeons & Dragons Pocket Expert

Dungeons & Dragons Pocket Expert

By Stacy King


Publication Date: August 27, 2024

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Ages 7 to 9, Grades 2 to 4

Become an instant expert on all things Dungeons & Dragons with this handy pocket-size guide!

Discover everything you ever needed to know about the world of D&D! What’s the difference between a rogue and a ranger? What exactly are the Forgotten Realms? Can a wizard cast more spells than a sorcerer? How many tentacles does a Mind Flayer have? From mighty dragons to powerful bards, and magical elves to fearsome monsters, this pocket guide is just the beginning of your adventure.

Packed with facts, stats, and interesting info about the incredible Dungeons & Dragons universe, the Pocket Expert gives young D&D fans a one-stop source of amazing facts to wow their friends with!

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About the Author

Format: Trade Paperback

Length: 80 pages

Publisher: DK Children

Publication Date: August 27, 2024

ISBN: 9780744099041

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