NubeOcho El libro de los traseros NubeOcho El libro de los traseros
NubeOcho El libro de los traseros NubeOcho El libro de los traseros

El libro de los traseros

By Eva Manzano


Publication Date: September 5, 2023

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Ages 4 to 8

¿Cuánto sabes de los traseros? ¿Para qué sirven? ¿Siempre hemos tenido uno? ¿Los animales también tienen trasero? Un libro que combina lo informativo con el humor para divertirnos hablando de… ¡traseros! ¡Ven a conocerlos!No conocemos a los traseros. En este libro divulgativo descubriremos su historia, hablaremos de los traseros humanos y de los traseros del mundo animal, de los tipos de traseros, ¡y de los colores que pueden llegar a tener! ¿Sabías que tener un trasero nos vuelve más inteligentes? ¿Has oído hablar de los traseros catapulta? No hay dos traseros iguales, por eso es importante conocerlos bien. --------Did you know that sea cucumbers use their butts to breathe? Or that the famous red butts of mandrills help them see each other in the jungle?Butts are used for breathing, eating, swimming and even talking and they come in all shapes, sizes and colors  (some are even multi-colored!).

Learn fun facts about your own bottom and those in the animal kingdom in this hilarious book of butts!

About the Author

Eva Manzano was born in Madrid, where she lives and works. She has a degree in Fine Arts. She alternates between plastic arts, writing and teaching creative workshops. She thinks of herself as a painter who writes stories, although sometimes she thinks she's a walking story. She likes to chase the imagination and she is always on the trail of it.Emilio Urberuaga is one of the most international Spanish artists. He has been awarded with the National Award of Illustration from Spain, CCEI Award of Illustration and Selected by the White Ravens Awards. He has a very personal style that has brought to life an endless amount of endearing characters, such as Carlota for Carlota Wouldn't Say Boo or Gilda for Giant Sheep.

Format: Hardcover Paper over boards

Length: 48 pages

Publisher: NubeOcho

Publication Date: September 5, 2023

ISBN: 9788419607256

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