Crown Books for Young Readers Race to the Truth: Exclusion and the Chinese American Story
Crown Books for Young Readers Race to the Truth: Exclusion and the Chinese American Story

Race to the Truth: Exclusion and the Chinese American Story

By Sarah-SoonLing Blackburn


Publication Date: March 26, 2024

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Ages 10 And Up, Grades 5 And Up

Until now, you've only heard one side of the story, but Chinese American history extends far beyond the railroads. Here's the true story of America, from the Chinese American perspective.

If you've learned about the history of Chinese people in America, it was probably about their work on the railroads in the 1800s. But more likely, you may not have learned about it at all. This may make it feel like Chinese immigration is a newer part of this country, but some scholars believe the first immigrant arrived from China 499 CE--one thousand years before Columbus did! 

When immigration picked up in the mid-1800s, efforts to ban immigrants from China began swiftly. But hope, strength, and community allowed the Chinese population in America to flourish. From the gold rush and railroads to entrepreneurs, animators, and movie stars, this is the true story of the Chinese American experience.

Series Overview: A middle grade history series which gives an unflinching account of America’s history while celebrating underrepresented heroes and achievements. Each book tells the story of America from the perspective of a marginalized community within it, and will align with curriculum topics. We will publish 2 books a year, with the first two out in Fall 2023, one in Spring 2024, and the next in Fall 2024.

About the Author

Dr. Sarah-SoonLing Blackburn is an educator, speaker and professional learning facilitator. She was born in Bangkok, Thailand into a mixed-race Malaysian Chinese and white American family. A classic “third culture kid,” she grew up moving between various East and Southeast Asian countries and the Washington DC area. Sarah moved to the Deep South in 2009, and she has now lived there longer than anywhere else. Her experiences first as a classroom teacher and then as a teacher educator inform her beliefs about the role that education can and must play in the realization of social justice.

She owes very much to her ancestors.

Sarah spent most of her years in the classroom teaching third and fourth grade. As a professional trainer, Sarah’s areas of focus have included workplace cultures, leadership skills, and diversity, equity and inclusion. Sarah has an M.A. in Social Justice and Education from University College London’s Institute of Education. Her doctoral research at Johns Hopkins University explored strategies for retaining rural educators, and her Ed.D. specialization was Instructional Design in Online Teaching and Learning. She is based out of Oxford, Mississippi.

Author Residence: Oxford, MS

Format: Trade Paperback

Length: 288 pages

Publisher: Crown Books for Young Readers

Publication Date: March 26, 2024

ISBN: 9780593567630

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