Green Sea Turtle (Young Zoologist)
Green Sea Turtle (Young Zoologist)

Green Sea Turtle (Young Zoologist)

By Carlee Jackson


Publication Date: June 6, 2023

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Ages 5 to 8

A beautifully illustrated first guide to green sea turtles from marine biologist Carlee Jackson.

Snorkel around coral reefs to study green sea turtles in this beautiful nonfiction field guide for kids.

You might know that green sea turtles have incredible shells, but there’s so much more to learn about these underwater marvels! Turn the pages to find out how green sea turtles keep seagrass beds healthy by “mowing” them, and how some species of fish like to hitch a ride on their shells. You’ll also witness the amazing egg hatching frenzy that occurs—when baby turtles have to make a mad dash from the beach to the safety of the sea. Filled with simple science and plenty of animal facts, this book also looks at the conservation challenges these endangered animals face due to climate change, poaching, and plastic pollution.

About the Author

Carlee Jackson read her first book about marine animals at the age of six and fell in love. Today, she is a marine biologist, environmental educator, and science communicator. Carlee is co-founder and Director of Communications for Minorities in Shark Sciences (MISS), an organization promoting diversity and inclusivity in shark sciences. Carlee previously wrote Sharks (A Day in the Life) for Neon Squid.

Daniel Rieley is a freelance illustrator based in London, UK. His work is influenced by his travels and “everyday adventures”; he finds hiking in remote landscapes, French cinema, the ocean, animals (the wild kind), interesting people, and surfing particularly rich sources of inspiration.

Format: Hardcover Paper over boards

Length: 32 pages

Publisher: Neon Squid

Publication Date: June 6, 2023

ISBN: 9781684493081

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