The Experiment How Birds Work: ...Form and Function, from Bones to Beak
The Experiment How Birds Work: ...Form and Function, from Bones to Beak

How Birds Work: ...Form and Function, from Bones to Beak

By Marianne Taylor


Publication Date: April 28, 2020

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An artfully designed, highly detailed guide to the inner workings of birds—what they’re made up of inside and out, and why

Engineered by evolution to thrive in the wild

A tiny textbook to learn on your own

How Birds Work goes beyond the typical field guide to show us not only what birds look like but why. Why do many owls have asymmetrical ear openings? (Hint: It helps them pinpoint prey; see page 40.) And why does the Grey Heron rest on one leg at a time? (Hint: Not because it’s tired; see page 66!) Birds boast a spectacular array of adaptations suited to their incredibly diverse diets and habitats. In this in-depth handbook, discover the ways they’re even more astounding than you know—inside and out. Detailed analysis and illustrations illuminate:SkeletonMusclesCirculationDigestionRespirationReproductionFeathersColors and PatternsAnd much, much more!

About the Author

Marianne Taylor is a writer, illustrator, and wildlife photographer. She's written more than twenty nature books for adults and children, many illustrated with her own artwork or photographs. She also writes for Birdwatch, the Independent, BBC Wildlife, Country Life, Nature's Home, and The Lady.

Format: Flexibound

Length: 224 pages

Publisher: The Experiment

ISBN: 9781615196470

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