Immedium Julie Black Belt: The Belt of Fire
Immedium Julie Black Belt: The Belt of Fire

Julie Black Belt: The Belt of Fire

By Oliver Chin

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Our energetic heroine Julie aims for her next martial arts rank - The Belt of Fire! But will a new student get in her way?

This long-awaited sequel to Julie Black Belt: The Kung Fu Chronicles picks up as Julie proudly wears her yellow belt and is eager to attain her next rank: orange! Inspired by Brandy Wu, an action movie star, Julie meets a new student in her class...but is he better than her? Can Julie learn to improve her abilities while becoming a gracious partner and earning her own Belt of Fire?

It's like when her heroine Brandy Wu in a movie seeks a treasure but must combat a mysterious opponent! Another experienced teacher gives Julie valuable advice, but can Julie make this wisdom her own? Artist Charlene Chua’s colorful, action-packed illustrations make Julie’s quest one that any martial arts practitioner, parent, and instructor will enjoy.


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