Greenwillow Books Kitty #3 The Sky Garden Adventure
Greenwillow Books Kitty #3 The Sky Garden Adventure

Kitty #3 The Sky Garden Adventure

By Paula Harrison


Publication Date: March 3, 2020

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Ages 6 to 10, Grades 1 to 5


Girl by day. Cat by night. Ready for adventure.


In the third book of this fun and engaging chapter book series about a little girl with catlike superpowers, Kitty and her feline friends discover a secret roof garden and must save it from unwelcome visitors.


With dramatic two-color art on every page and an emphasis on friendship, family, and building self-confidence, the Kitty books are the perfect choice for newly independent readers.

When Kitty’s teacher hands out sunflower seeds for the class to grow at home, Kitty is excited to tend to her new garden. But to her dismay, the sunflowers won’t grow.


Luckily, her feline friend Pixie knows about a magical rooftop garden across town. She leads Kitty to the hidden Sky Garden, where they find the biggest sunflowers Kitty has ever seen. While there, they meet the grumpy old cat who guards the rooftop when his owner isn’t home.


The old cat reluctantly agrees to let Kitty come back and explore the garden the following night. But when Kitty returns, she finds the rooftop overrun with cats!


The unwelcome visitors are climbing on trees, trampling plants, and tangling up the fairy lights. Kitty and her friends must chase them all away and save the garden before the old cat’s owner discovers the damage.

Kitty and the Sky Garden is the third book in a chapter book series about Kitty and her superhero adventures.


With an aspirational main character, a clutch of cats, striking two-color art on every page, and fun activities at the back of the book, these chapter books are just right for independent readers and fans of Rebecca Elliott’s Owl Diaries.


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