Lonely Planet Lonely Planet Kids Atlas of Cats 1
Lonely Planet Lonely Planet Kids Atlas of Cats 1

Lonely Planet Kids Atlas of Cats 1

By Frances Evans


Publication Date: July 23, 2024

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Ages 6 to 8, Grades 1 to 3

Explore the claw-some world of cats in this definitive guide that’s packed with fun facts and illustrations. Large continent maps show the origin of over 100 weird and wonderful breeds like the Sokoke from Africa - the rarest variety of domestic cat in the world - plus discover ancient cats, wild cats, record-breaking cats, and their super senses!Meet the fascinating cats that stroll alongside us including the cuddly Cornish rex, the hairless sphynx, and the showstopping Persian. Then explore the world of their wilder cousins, from bobcats and pumas, to leopards, lions and tigers. Get the low-down on famous cats across the globe with the entertaining features that present our planet's sophisticated 'Show Cats', humble 'Heroic Cats' - and so much more. With bright and cheery cat diagrams including the ultimate 'Atlas of a Cat', readers will be introduced to the biology of our feline friends from their differing ear shapes to their beautiful fur patterns. Inside Atlas of Cats:Over 100 awesome breeds and crossbreeds from North America, Europe, Africa, Western and Northern Asia, Southern Asia, Eastern Asia, AustralasiaLarge maps of each continent that show where each cat breed originates fromAtlas of a cat’s body and their super sensesFun-packed profiles detailing country of origin, size, coat and personality traitsThemed fun features that cover kittens; cats in ancient Egypt; cat body language; cats' natural instincts; cat myths, legends and superstitionsLively, light-hearted, and colourful illustrations by Kelsey Heaton, illustrator of the Atlas of DogsWritten by Frances Evans, author of the Atlas of Dogs, as well as various reference and activity books

Come and explore the authoritative guide to cats in this fully-illustrated 'who's who' of felines from around the world. Jam-packed with plenty of cat-titude, this follow-up to the Atlas of Dogs is the purr-fect book for curious kids who want to learn more about the history of our beloved kitties, as well as animal lovers who are crazy about everything to do with cats.

About the Author

Format: Hardcover Picture Book

Length: 112 pages

Publisher: Lonely Planet

Publication Date: July 23, 2024

ISBN: 9781837582617

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