Nancy Paulsen Books Mazie's Amazing Machines Nancy Paulsen Books Mazie's Amazing Machines
Nancy Paulsen Books Mazie's Amazing Machines Nancy Paulsen Books Mazie's Amazing Machines

Mazie's Amazing Machines

By Sheryl Haft


Publication Date: September 12, 2023

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Ages 4 to 8, Grades P to 3

As Mazie delights in building all sorts of fabulous inventions to solve household problems, kids will see how simple machines work.

Mazie McGear loves to engineer! Whenever she encounters a problem, she turns on her imagination and starts drawing and building--think blink, ribble scribble, bing bang boom! Need a more convenient way to feed the dog? No problem! Mazie invents the Food-o-Matic. Mom needs help carrying boxes? No worries! Mazie makes her a Roly-Ramp. You can always count on Mazie to invent a machine that will make life easier--although her brother, Jake, isn’t too thrilled with her Waker-Upper Rocket. But no worries. Engineering is so cool that before long he can’t help but get into the invention action too!

Featuring dynamic illustrations and a fun fold-out spread, this is a book that’s sure to inspire budding engineers while celebrating creative out-of-the-box thinking.

About the Author

Sheryl Haft ( founded Let’s Engineer!, a pre-school and elementary after-school program that teaches engineering principles through design and invention-building. Sheryl’s love of tinkering began by working in the garage with her dad, creating patented inventions. She is the author of other joyful, imaginative books: I Love You, Blankie, Baby Boo, I Love You and Goodnight Bubbala. She and her family live in New York City and Wyoming.

Author Residence: New York City and Wilson, Wyoming

Jeremy Holmes ( is an internationally renowned children’s book illustrator. His picture books include There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly (winner of the BolognaRagazzi Opera Prima Award), Poem-mobiles (by J. Patrick Lewis and Douglas Florian), The Eye that Never Sleeps (by Marissa Moss), and Road Trip (by Claudia Friddell). He and his family live in Pennsylvania.

Illustrator Residence:Abington, Pennsylvania

Format: Hardcover Picture Book

Length: 40 pages

Publisher: Nancy Paulsen Books

Publication Date: September 12, 2023

ISBN: 9780399547867

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