My Last Innocent Year

Daisy Alpert Florin $27.99


Veronica Roth $19.99

Where Darkness Blooms

Andrea Hannah $18.99

And Other Mistakes

Erika Turner $19.99

The Headmaster's List

Melissa de la Cruz $19.99

The Pledge

Cale Dietrich $20.99

The Sun Walks Down

Fiona McFarlane $28.00

Pit the Giant Chick

Daniela Berti $16.99

Keeper of the Gems

Jordan Quinn $6.99

Last Violent Call

Chloe Gong $19.99


Stuart Hausmann $18.99

The Making of Butterflies

Zora Neale Hurston $9.99

Ring of Solomon

Aden Polydoros $16.99


Mackenzie Joy $17.99

Moon's Ramadan

Natasha Khan Kazi $18.99

Project Nought

Chelsey Furedi $17.99

What Stays Buried

Suzanne Young $18.99


Lyssa Mia Smith $19.99

The Grace of Wild Things

Heather Fawcett $17.99

If I Can Give You That

Michael Gray Bulla $19.99
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