Viking Books for Young Readers Not Dead Enough Viking Books for Young Readers Not Dead Enough
Viking Books for Young Readers Not Dead Enough Viking Books for Young Readers Not Dead Enough

Not Dead Enough

By Tyffany D. Neiheiser


Publication Date: January 23, 2024

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Ages 14 And Up, Grades 9 And Up

Girl in Pieces meets Cracked Up to Be in this raw and candid look at trauma about a girl who is being haunted and stalked by her definitely dead ex-boyfriend.

Charlotte survived the car crash that killed her boyfriend Jerry, but that night, everything changed. Charlotte wants desperately to get back to “normal,” --whatever that means now-- and start reconnecting with friends she hasn’t spoken to in months. And she’s trying to work through her PTSD with the help of her therapist, only she can’t tell the truth about Jerry or what really happened the night he died.

Just when Charlotte thinks she might be moving on, someone starts sending her threatening messages claiming to be Jerry, saying things only he would know. But it can't really be Jerry because there's no such thing as ghosts. The cold spots in her room must be a draft and the noises she hears must be the house creaking. There has to be a logical explanation for all of it. Because if ghosts are real, then Jerry came back for her—just like he always said he would.

Not Dead Enough is a gripping exploration of trauma from debut author Tyffany D. Neiheiser about a girl who realizes that running from the past will help you survive, but everything you try to escape will eventually find you in the end. Perfect for fans of Courtney Summers and Kathleen Glasgow! Authors note included.

About the Author

Tyffany D. Neiheiser has five cats, three dogs, and a very extroverted husband. When she’s not reading, she’s skating, hiking, or watching horror movies. She was a mental health therapist and just wants to read (and write) stories where kids get to have adventures and find love while they deal with mental health issues. A Pennsylvania native, she’s lived in Arizona (but it’s a dry heat!) and now lives in Texas where she tries to convince the winters to last forever. You can visit her online or follow her on Twitter or Instagram


Author Residence: Austin, Texas

Author Hometown: Pennsylvania

Format: Hardcover

Length: 416 pages

Publisher: Viking Books for Young Readers

Publication Date: January 23, 2024

ISBN: 9780593205549

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