Oasis Pages: Guided Journey for Young Writers: Captivating Questions, Self-Expression Prompts, and Advice for Daily Writing

By Grace Welker


Publication Date: April 9, 2024

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Ages 7 to 11

A must-have journal for budding writers that allows them to hone their writing skills and develop a literary oasis from digital distractions.

Oasis Pages: A Guided Writing Journey for Young Writers is a keepsake, guided journal that invites tweens on a personal writing quest. Writers are encouraged to practice self-reflection through thought-provoking prompts, engaging templates, fun word lists, inspiring questions, and more. Beautifully designed, this first journal is inviting and stimulating for tweens looking for delightful screen-free activities.

What’s in the Oasis Pages Tween Diary?

You will discover a variety of guide prompts for you to fill-in and complete:

The Prompt Entry: Questions, sentence starters, and story invitations to give you a starting place to consider and write about.

The Personal Entry: Use these for free expression: What’s on your mind? What did you do yesterday? Anything big going on? What’s boring you? Figure out what you like to write about when there’s no prompt.

The Lists! Who doesn’t love a list? You’ll find these throughout the diary, with some fun follow-up options.

Sketch Pages: For all of the doodlers and drawers, as well as for the stick-figure makers, writing and drawing go together for some people. For everyone else, it’s a great way to challenge yourself.

Word Play: Not everyone is a “logophile” (word lover), but we all have words we like more than others and words we have questions about. Have fun thinking about words in new ways.

Fill-It-In: Add your own details to the basic frame of these mini-stories and expand them with follow-up questions.

Mini-Quests: You will be invited to use your diary in specific ways through an experience, such as writing outdoors or listening to a conversation in public.

About the Author

Grace Welker, MEd, is a writer, educator, and word lover who creates curiosity-based writing experiences. A diary-journal-notebook keeper since age 10, she loves finding unique ways for people, especially younger people, to write themselves down. Grace, originally from Long Island, ran a volunteer program at her university in Washington, DC, then lived in Morocco and Spain, where she taught English and trained teachers. She now calls The Hudson Valley, NY, her home. Oasis Pages: Guided Writing Journey for Kids is the second journal from Grace. The first journal, Oasis Pages: Teen Writing Quest was published in February 2023.

Format: Flexibound

Length: 160 pages

Publisher: The Collective Book Studio

Publication Date: April 9, 2024

ISBN: 9781685550189

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