Penelope and the Curse of the Canis Diamond #2

By Deanna Kizis


Publication Date: April 30, 2024

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Ages 7 to 10, Grades 2 to 5

Follow Penelope the pug in the second book of this delightful series set in Regency-era London!

Penelope the pug is completely content in her new forever home with Lady Diggleton. So when her beloved owner receives an invitation to meet the Queen at Windsor Castle—and an instruction to bring the pug along—Penelope couldn't be more pleased for her Lady's good fortune.

However, once the two arrive at the castle, their fortune starts to seem less than fortunate. The Queen commands Penelope to befriend her own pup, a snooty dog named Duchess whose manners are most offensive, and who wants nothing to do with the poor pug.

But when the Queen's prized Canis diamond ring goes missing and Duchess stands accused, Penelope—who knows the dog is innocent—must find a way to defend her. If the pug is certain that her fellow canine didn't commit the crime, though, can she clear Duchess's name by determining who did?

Series Overview: A pug named Penelope lives a charmed life in Regency-era London.

About the Author

Deanna Kizis is a journalist, screenwriter, and author. Her first children’s book, Please Don’t Read This Book!, is out now. Deanna has a daughter who loves pets. That means they have a dog, a cat, two fish, and a bearded dragon. If you ever want to come help, let them know – these pets won’t feed themselves! Find out more at

Author Residence: Los Angeles, California

Hannah Peck is an author and illustrator based in East London. Storytelling is central to her work, whether drawing from folklore and fairy tales or building detailed worlds in her children’s books. Hannah’s clients include Penguin, Faber, Bloomsbury, Audible, and more.

Illustrator Residence:London, England

Format: Paperback

Length: 160 pages

Publisher: Penguin Workshop

Publication Date: April 30, 2024

ISBN: 9780593661277

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